• Georgie Boyle

Corona Catch Up

Hi Guys,

These are such uncertain times so I just wanted to write a little something to address the situation, but also to put a smile on people's faces.

Firstly, the boring stuff! With all of the information, both true and false going around the media as well as people's opinions on the way others are dealing with the situation I think we have made it impossible for people to find the perfect balance of how to handle everything. You are either labelled ignorant for not realising how serious the issue is, or you are accused of being a hypochondriac for acting to irrationally. Obviously, the virus is a major issue and something many of us have never faced in our lifetimes. All we can really do is listen to the government guidelines and follow them. And most simply, wash your hands...simple!

I think with all this darkness that is going around at the moment, it is always nice to add a little colour to our lives. I have taped a rainbow in my window so that whenever people walk past my house and see that rainbow, hopefully it gives them a reason to smile! I made you all a rainbow to print out and stick in your window, so hopefully instead of spreading coronavirus, we can spread a smile instead!

So please, make sure you stay safe and stay at home to protect yourselves and the NHS.

With a little more time on my hands, I will be updating my website and hopefully posting a few more blog posts about current projects I am working on. My uni deadlines are still standing, so I do have a bit of work to do but I am going to balance my time.

Lots of love,


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