• Georgie Boyle


Updated: Apr 3, 2021

3rd February - 8th February

Kingston College FDA/BA Art and Design Interim Degree Show

Private View 5th February 2020 5pm-7:30pm

My piece that I am exhibiting is based on how women are represented in the media. I have created an installation with wallpaper on the back and 2 paintings on the top. The creation of this installation stemmed from the idea that with things like social media and the internet, places that people would normally consider "safe" such as their homes, suddenly become unsafe and there is almost nowhere to hide. The paintings show, what I consider to be a normal woman, healthy but doesn't necessarily conform to this idea we have of the "perfect" woman. They then display words and comments I have found both on social media and in tabloids, one all the negative and the other some positive. I want people to realise how ridiculous some of the words spread across the internet are and how damaging they can be.

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